torsdag 4 februari 2010

Today I flew around on my epicmount, looking for rare tameable beasts. I am always so amazingly fascinated to stand and watch them walking there in peace. First I found Gondria in Zul'Drak. No hunter's near so i started too whisper the BM hunters on the server. Found a hunter who was totally into it. He was so happy and started too spamm me with credit. Ofc he wanted too give me gold, but couldnt accept that. I think it's a shame to kill such a beautiful creature, and he was pretty much doing me a favour.

2 min later I flew on to Grizzly Hills to look for Arcturis. No kidding! Look at that! I whispered the same guy again to ask if he wanted to tame Arcturis also. Haha. CREDIT!

Damn what I love to make people happy. I know how it feels too tame one of the rare beasts in Northrend. Gondria was my first, I camped her about 2-3 days before she showed up. When I found her it was clearly a heartattack, was so damn nervous and I almost autoshotted her down. Right now i have imo the 3 best looking spirit beasts ingame. Gondria, Skoll, Arcturis. Running out of stable slots here. Haha.

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