fredag 12 februari 2010

The only thing you get when you're cocky. Is people that hate you in silence.

Do you know what i dislike? People who think they know everything in the game World of Warcraft. People who think that is obvius for you is obvius for someonelse. Noone is perfect. I'm gonna try so hard too not use these 'shitwords' ingame. Cause people deserve better. Well, atleast some of them ;)

I have a question for you 'knowitall-people' What do you know about real life? And what have you accomplished the past few months/years?

Two incidents happened today. One person was saved in TOC10 though he had forgotten it. People started to spam the raidchat, fucking retard. I whispered to him that it is okey. He said, I'm so sorry. And I said, it does'nt matter, we can all forget. He made a smiley and said, ty gl <3

The second was when a tank had no idea what he was doing. And ofc he was a retard too. (omg so many retard in WoW) So i whispered him and explained. He got it right away. Better then 'l2tank' eh? Well, he does now.

I probably recall this for what i experienced in life. And i have some kind of understanding for people, that i know many people lack in this game.

Jesus, was a long post today. Many thoughts at this hour. I guess i only have one thing too say; Im not perfect either, but atleast im trying.

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