lördag 27 februari 2010


Noone like's him, but i do. Finished exalted today! Wiie. Took me 6 days if i'm not wrong.

fredag 26 februari 2010


Really nice picture imo.

tisdag 23 februari 2010

I'm sad now. Both Jobelina and Bumbina has migratet to Sunstrider. (Plus many others) I's so quiet on Magtheridon now.

4 set T10.

Congratulations to me. 4-setbonus T10. Right now i need nothing from ICC25 apart from tokens and Deathbringers Will! Dont know if there is any arp neck or arp rings. If so, give pls.

I've read about armor penetration and agility gems. I've stacked agility + agility / crit for a while now. But needed a change.

Gemmed the softcap of 725 armor pen. (722) With Needle-encrusted Scorpion.
100% arp is not bad at all.

Now im gonna remove the Arcane shot from my rotation, imp seady shot ftw. Wish me gl on high numbers. But as we all know, you need too be really pro at movement when stacking arp instead of agility, need too practise on that, hehe.

måndag 22 februari 2010

I had sick anxiety yesterday. The day before that i was drinking infront of the computer, become pretty drunk. Started too talk to people at different ventchannels. Was /w people ''Here I am, haven't said a damn thing since i joined this guild. But''

Idk if people were suprised that i actually exist socially.

torsdag 18 februari 2010

Elder Tukea, amagadd!!

tisdag 16 februari 2010


That's our best try at lich king 10m. And that was also our second try. I think.
Well next time we down him. Ofc. But it sure is complicated. Escpecially when you have too time a few certain things.

Oh well, wish me gl. /P.S overninekilo, gtfo lol

fredag 12 februari 2010

The only thing you get when you're cocky. Is people that hate you in silence.

Do you know what i dislike? People who think they know everything in the game World of Warcraft. People who think that is obvius for you is obvius for someonelse. Noone is perfect. I'm gonna try so hard too not use these 'shitwords' ingame. Cause people deserve better. Well, atleast some of them ;)

I have a question for you 'knowitall-people' What do you know about real life? And what have you accomplished the past few months/years?

Two incidents happened today. One person was saved in TOC10 though he had forgotten it. People started to spam the raidchat, fucking retard. I whispered to him that it is okey. He said, I'm so sorry. And I said, it does'nt matter, we can all forget. He made a smiley and said, ty gl <3

The second was when a tank had no idea what he was doing. And ofc he was a retard too. (omg so many retard in WoW) So i whispered him and explained. He got it right away. Better then 'l2tank' eh? Well, he does now.

I probably recall this for what i experienced in life. And i have some kind of understanding for people, that i know many people lack in this game.

Jesus, was a long post today. Many thoughts at this hour. I guess i only have one thing too say; Im not perfect either, but atleast im trying.

onsdag 10 februari 2010

måndag 8 februari 2010

Yaaay! Finally a new belt!

HoR HC my ass!


Okey, so now 5 people joined and left. Wth? Can't be that bad.

OMG, first boss down. LOL


ITS THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! Took 1 h too do this instance btw. 30 min waiting and 30 min clearing. Sick yo!

söndag 7 februari 2010

I love this crazy stuff going on. Everyone is just flippin out. Rofl.

torsdag 4 februari 2010


We have wiped om Sindragosa 10m 11 times now. First phases is fine, but after 30% its a total mess.

Gonna take a quick nap so im fit for fight on raid tonight.

Jesus. These guys from Raunchy keeps /w me about ICC recipe. I dont know why i should help these people when they declined my app in a 'shitty' way imo.

However, their loss.
Someone said to someone in the raid today that 'you play like a fucking girl'

Can someone tell me how you play like a girl? Oh yeah, my dps isnt that pro. But as far as i know i dont have a dick.

ToC25 pug

Atm im in the worst pug ever. Noone likes too heal flesh it seems. Well, we downed him now anyway.


We are dying as flies here.
Today I flew around on my epicmount, looking for rare tameable beasts. I am always so amazingly fascinated to stand and watch them walking there in peace. First I found Gondria in Zul'Drak. No hunter's near so i started too whisper the BM hunters on the server. Found a hunter who was totally into it. He was so happy and started too spamm me with credit. Ofc he wanted too give me gold, but couldnt accept that. I think it's a shame to kill such a beautiful creature, and he was pretty much doing me a favour.

2 min later I flew on to Grizzly Hills to look for Arcturis. No kidding! Look at that! I whispered the same guy again to ask if he wanted to tame Arcturis also. Haha. CREDIT!

Damn what I love to make people happy. I know how it feels too tame one of the rare beasts in Northrend. Gondria was my first, I camped her about 2-3 days before she showed up. When I found her it was clearly a heartattack, was so damn nervous and I almost autoshotted her down. Right now i have imo the 3 best looking spirit beasts ingame. Gondria, Skoll, Arcturis. Running out of stable slots here. Haha.