söndag 31 oktober 2010

Bye bye Swift Zulian Tiger and Razzashi Raptor!

So there is a blue post about that they ARE gonna remove these sweet mounts from ZG when Cata hits!

Read more.

''Although we have no current plans to introduce new ways to obtain the Zul'Gurub mounts, pets, and the tribute mounts, they may return should we find a place where they fit in the future. ''

fredag 29 oktober 2010

Felana 52 Draenei!

I so love her atm, she pwns everything. EVEN COLDE! Me so pro, nananana!
No, but Colde is actually pwning me but only sometimes.

Anyway, i get so muuch adrenaline when horde comes and wants too pewpew and we just own them. Okey, not everytime, but ALOT. Or no, hmm. Colde is actually splatting.

Lol wtf am i talking about, bed time i think. Good night!

Nolifer at night!

Going too Azuremyst too take epic pic.

I could seriously camp with my hunter in Ashenvale and just turn up the volume - lay in the sofa and let my mind take me too a place where no dark thoughts could reach.

The soundtrack is freaking aweesome!


Everyone gonna run around with a green kitten, thats for sure.

If this pet is gonna be tameable when cata arrives, im SO gonna tame him. But gah, they should have made him a rarespawn tbh. But ye, as the information i read says; it respawns regulary.

torsdag 28 oktober 2010

archaeology skeleton raptor mount

hahahah wtf...

tisdag 26 oktober 2010

Ainamiss the Hive Queen & Harakiss the infestor

I tamed Soriid the Devourer today, havent found Harka yet. But flying too Tanaris atm - too camp!

Thou i think this vid is really outdated, and ye its beta, but would be really fun if it worked. Since i have 20 stable slots its worth trying :P

Update; Okej! No Haarka yet, omg! -.-


måndag 25 oktober 2010

Khalifa is farming the FAT bugg.

... and we are just so bugged!

onsdag 20 oktober 2010

My warrior draenei!

Here she is, my first ally character ever. I like her alot. <3

måndag 18 oktober 2010

the hallowed

i am soo confused and disturbed now. I have 2 achivements left for my violet proto-drake mount. the bad thing is that i have too complete sinister calling.

im pretty scared that im not gonna get the items i need. and then wait 1 fucking year more -.-

That worked pretty well, didnt know the droprate was so high. Kinda got Sinisters calling on all my characters now. Anyway! im done with the achivement, and now waits the last and final one CHRISTMAS EVENT! WOHOOO.

söndag 17 oktober 2010

onsdag 13 oktober 2010


im pissed off, i cba learn a new way of playing. i hope i learn fast.

I LOVE THE NEW RAIDFRAMES THAT BLIZZ CREATED! And i've started too like my new hunter name, and my new server!

söndag 10 oktober 2010

bye bye maggy!

It is about time, now unforgettable have decided to migrate to the darksorrow!
I follow with the team! Would miss so many so much, especially my hearts Ceridwy and Colde. Magtheridon dont have much too offer anymore im afraid :(

I decided that tukea is gonna be my main on darksorrow when cataclysm arrives. But my name is gonna be very very different. /cry

onsdag 6 oktober 2010

I am sad panda, buhu :( I didnt get the ram on felicity. But got precious ribbon a few weeks ago, lol *retard*