tisdag 23 februari 2010

4 set T10.

Congratulations to me. 4-setbonus T10. Right now i need nothing from ICC25 apart from tokens and Deathbringers Will! Dont know if there is any arp neck or arp rings. If so, give pls.

I've read about armor penetration and agility gems. I've stacked agility + agility / crit for a while now. But needed a change.

Gemmed the softcap of 725 armor pen. (722) With Needle-encrusted Scorpion.
100% arp is not bad at all.

Now im gonna remove the Arcane shot from my rotation, imp seady shot ftw. Wish me gl on high numbers. But as we all know, you need too be really pro at movement when stacking arp instead of agility, need too practise on that, hehe.

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