torsdag 28 juli 2011

Karkin is mine!

Okej, my timers went bad here.

Skarr 02.10
Karkin 10.10

First time this week, ive seen a rare spawn under 10h, this one was a timer on 8h! If im correct now, a spider always spawn before or after 10min from Karkin or Skarr. I am gonna check now!

tisdag 26 juli 2011

Just tamed Ankha!

And now my spirit beast collection is complete! :D

Damn i failed when she spawned, clicked my noarmor eqquipment and had my inventory full, didnt notice. Tried too tame and got splatted. And the second time i died too the surrounding mobs. Lol.

But at the end, she became mine! < 3

måndag 25 juli 2011

How too tame - Solix

About Solix tame, here is a really good video from Abraxusta - how too tame!
In germanish! Haha

He has alot of good ''How too tame'' videos.
Check him out; Abraxusta

Btw, go too 0.40, there is really no action until then.

söndag 24 juli 2011

Holyhelsing killed Solix!

God, i hate people like him. Me and my friend were in progress too tame Solix. And then the nolifer Paladin comes in; He's like ''I WaNnA Be A FuNnEh NoLiFer PaLaDiN'' and kills him instead. What is more dumb? Taming a rarespawn? Or killing him while someone is taming him?

The answer of that question is very simple.

And he is talking about having a brain. Coming with argument like swedish people are dumb? I'm a 16 year old boy sitting inside my 4 walls? And my english sucks? Roflmao.

Sorry if i am acting like a lame ass hanging him out like this. But i just hate people that have nothing too say, so they just ACT stupid instead!

Deth'tilac tame

I like that he's purple :) And I like that is unique skinned, just like Kirix.

1. Frosttrap (For slowing him)

2. Sacrifice pet (Best way too make him loose hp)

3. Snake trap for damaging him. (If you dont damage him, he will reset)

4. Revive pet and sacrifice again. (from distance ofc)

And over and over again, while kiting!

After like 40% left on Death'tilac two ally hunters came, im was like FUCK, im screwed they are gonna kill me, and try tame him from me. And they sure did try tame him. But i was the one that dissmissed my pet at 25%. And he still had his up - dead. They might have helped me, even if the guy shooted me a few times while i was taming, im not sure.

Only fair i got him thou, i found him, and i did alot of work on him. And if you destroy for me, i destroy you.

Althou, if you dont, i wouldnt either. Im kinda nice when it comes too that, EVEN if you are an ally.

lördag 23 juli 2011

Taming Skitterflame, Skarr and my last Madexx

Skarr 17.10
Skarr 05.15
Kirkin 19.00

Next spawn;
Kirkin 08.00

Next spawn; 21.00-23.00?

Hi and welcome too my stable in less then 40 min. Can you be more lucky?

Okey, this was just so wierd, Skitterflame popped up on my screen, and I tamed him with help from my precious liten gobo Colding, I Heartstoned, and came back, and Skarr pops up on my npcscan UNTAMED. AND I FUCKING GOT HIM TOO.

And then we went back too Org so i could show Ban'thalos too Colde that i got earlier same night. and then i thought maybe i should go too Uldum too see if my black Madexx was there (My last color in the collection) And who was there?

I lol'd abit.

I am gonna see if I can find a slot for Anhka too. =) Cause my slots are full with my favourite rares.

I recorded everything, hmm. Just that my windowsmovie maker is so god damn fucked when I have too edit. :(

Ban'thalos tame

Welcome too my stable!

Wow, i got him, after one death, and a few the other day. Read up on him, watched another hunter tame him before that. But this time, it was my time! :D

Video coming up!

fredag 22 juli 2011

Sad panda

Found Skarr just 30 min ago. I was too late damnit! Another hunter got him before i reached the platforms. Grats too you thou!

He is one of the new pets i want. + Bal'thalos and Anhka. Then i think my slots are full. Haha.


Just tamed him, had a shitty day taming rares, found Bal'thalos and died all the time, i didnt read up on him. And some ally hunter tamed him insted. Well prepared so nothing too do about that.

And then Karkin spawned 10 hours after i saw him last time when the pally killed him.
Didnt get that either, i failed so hard. So an ally hunter got him, again. Haha. Lamerz.

But, now 06.00 i founf Kirix. Had 3 deaths reading wowhead what too do and how too do it, so i finally took the change too try jump into that rock that people said he will bug out in. And he sure did. Bug as hell. Video coming up.

Love / Smia

torsdag 21 juli 2011


Help me? Yeah right. Hate people like him, he killed it instead. Just flew in and stunned him, IF YOUR HORDE WHY DONT YOU FUCKING HELP INSTEAD!?

Bet he is a nolifer, hating everyone because he hates himself.

onsdag 20 juli 2011


Was logging in and she spawned 2 min after. LOVE


Little Magria spawned again :) Found a swedish hunter too tame him. :) He was happy ^^

If your'e an ass too me, then i will not watch her for you, if you are kind. I'll try my best.

Useful or not; I have seen Magria 5 times the last days. Here is my list of times.

18.00 (Tamed her myself)


Next spawn;

Anhka 08.10 (Tamed her myself, wie)

Next spawn; 21.00-24.00?

During the 25th i havent been awake during those times when i ''think'' she would spawn. But from my own info, her spawntimer should be around 12-15 hours. This is the reason i dont believe i got all my rares for free. :) Althou this is a theory! And it has worked for me, with all the other rares.

Leona & Janna skin


I also had a bunch of RP that i really couldnt buy a hero for, so i bought the Janna skin for 50%, and i gotta say, its really really beautiful!