måndag 31 januari 2011


Sold by; Apothecary Furrows

Volatile Fire farm

These fire rings in the lava (Mount hyjal) drops Volatile fire. 1-2 per catch. On my server those sells for around 13-16g each. And it takes about 5 min too farm all 4 pools. They have a respawn timer for about 15 min. Lets say you get around 15 every time you go there, that is 200g for 5 min! Awesome ju!

And also a good thing if you are a hunter is that Terrorpene , this beautiful rare fireturtle spawns right there.

(This is a map of where too fish, and the green dots is where Terrorpene is walking around.

söndag 30 januari 2011

Vyragosa + Time lost! (Got it on 20 hours camping!)

OUTDATED, read this for 6.2: http://atributetomadskill.blogspot.se/2016/03/time-lost-proto-drake-62_20.html

Okey, so i found vyragosa at 01.11. She despawned exactly 01.41, wich makes me think that there is a set timer on this. I am gonna go back at 07.11 and now start camping for time lost!

Update; I found a dead corpse of Vyragosa 11.19 (10 hours 8 min after i killed her)


lördag 29 januari 2011


I changed the appearance of my character, she is so much cuter now, green and not so much cracksmoker.

fredag 28 januari 2011


Hate people like him.

torsdag 27 januari 2011

Madexx tame (video)

Hmm, this is like my first 'video' or whatever. So.. Be nice!

tisdag 25 januari 2011

Aeonaxx as hunter 10 min kill.


VERY intresting, i am still shaking. Hahah. Anyway, i was reading wowhead and watching some youtube stuff about Aeonaxx, just for fun. Camped about 15 min, had nothing too do. Went too see if jadefang was there, even if i have him tamed and the little companion. Idk i get excited watching rares O.o Awell, as i was about too go back too Org afking. I thought I just fly around the temple one time. And theeeen.. my fucking npsscan pops up, and there he was AEONAXX - GREEN. I think he spawned in my face tbh. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

(My NPCscan poped where the pink circle is, but he was flying where I am standing on this pic)

Haha, it took me 10 min too down him. Using two IMBA attacks. Not! (Gonna get fixed in next patch.)

Raptor strike.
Scatter shot.

The small whelps had like 9k hp, i just killed them with arcane shot, so they were no problem.

But imagine!

My heart was pounding, felt like a drugger without drugs. If i didnt read anything about him, i wouldnt know a shit, so a BIG thank too wowhead and all people who wrote good facts about him.

P.s Dont freak out, kill the adds, they are the only thing that makes you loose health. Dps as normal, YOU have him, and you will down him! Dont be afraid. Aeonaxx fly in 500% speed, there is no way anyone can keep up with that.

måndag 24 januari 2011

Mountain o' Mounts

Actually counted out now, that if I farm honor for all the pvp mounts, and continue farming dailys at argent tournament i can reach 100 mounts. Wihout the Nether ray mounts. Totally worth it, so thats what im gonna do onwards. And Colde he is bored in WoW so now we have something too do together :)


Yaay! Now i got my dragonhawk!

Tiny shale spider

I tamed him 23.37, woot? Anyway. Found him again, and as i can see now, it must have been exactly 6h after, that he respawned. This was really hurtful, killing such a beauitful creature.

Please forgive me.

Awell, i got my companion atleast, thats why i went there in the first place.

Madexx red!

Wiiie. Actually i went too the same spot i found my blue Madexx, but took a shot at another place. And there he was, in ANOTHER color. And I gotta say that this color is pretty awesome! Hell yeah!

Sunreaver Dragonhawk

Need 16 more Champion Seals too get my own dragonhawk! And reset in 4 min. I think i can make it, gonna go in and solo ToC aswell.

I am just thinking of how many seals i wasted on those freaking tabards, that we now can buy for 8 silver. O.o

Buhu, i have too wait. I couldnt solo the first 'when you riding wolfs' thing. Gonna ask Colde tomorrow if he minds helping? :D

Tamed Jadefang after 4h camping.

Had a decision tame or kill, choosed taming for this time. :) Then ill now he's always with me. Me and cow took a random hc. We died at one point so i took the chance too teleport out fast and check if he had spawned, and there he was waiting too be a loyal friend. :) I must have the most imba stable in the world!

söndag 23 januari 2011

Hunting for Jadefang

Khauros in our guild found jadefang in Deepholm, i bet we stood there 1h, hoping for failed nitro boots, the quest with the bombs were not available at that time. I made it with the 'pull out the internetcable' tactic. Tried like 5 times, got it on my 6th.

If you start flying into the cave you will get unmounted. But if you pull out the internetcable just right before you 'feel' that you will get unmounted count too 5-6 seconds while you continue flying at the direction where jadefang is. Pull in the plug, so you dont get disconnected, because if you doo, it will fail.

I found jadefang the other day again, but two night elfs killed him. :( Night elfs can still corpse fly inside the cave. Buhu. Gonna go there tonight aswell, maybe camp for an hour between 1-2 or something.

Update; 20.00

Camping atm, haha. Having WoW running the background, with sound on, so i can hear if NPCscan pops up.

Used the plug in plug out internetcable technique, got into the cave at my first try. *Proud*

lördag 22 januari 2011

Drake of the west wind

After alot of farming, buying the polearm aswell. He or she? Is mine!

fredag 21 januari 2011

Sambas x 4

I usually whisper a couple of hunter, sometimes i get like shit answers back, and they do not deserve too tame Sambas. So if you get a whisper from a little goblin called Smia, its probably me wanting you too tame a little sweet rare pet. Be nice and i watch him for you.

torsdag 20 januari 2011


Omg, i am so lucky, thought i might just check for him while digging. I think i have every rare pet now (worth too get) Still gonna farm for the other colors of Madexx, but shit, when the npc scan pops up, it is ALWAYS so exciting!

As you can see on this pic, i found him very very far too the lefttop.

5 - 2 sticky

This is my next in queue.

i love when my pics coming up on wowhead. getting a kick out of it, a proud kick.

onsdag 19 januari 2011

Terrorpene x 4

Flying around digging, found terrorpene for the 4th time, a shadow priest tried too kill poor terror that only wants too be a loyal friend for hunters. I killed that piece of shit, noone kills a rare pet when im in sight, thats for sure. Haha. Found a hunter atleast, watched terror until he came and become a happy hunter. :)


Ok this npc have poped up on my npcscan while i standing in orgrimmar, twice. First time i flew up, didnt even think there was a portal. But today, i took the portal, saw him untargeted but as soon as i came close i saw an ally attacked him. The ally died, lol. So there i took a shot, downed him and he dropped some healing leather pants.

Went in to the allys armory too see that he didnt camp him for the legs (he was druid) But he already had them, was fair :)

(P.S He is NOT tameable)

Archeology Scrolls

Fuck! Everytime i loot a highborn scroll there is a creepy voice saying stuff like; 'You are already dead' 'You are gonna die' Your friend will abandon you' Bla bla bla. At first i didnt get where the voice came from, so i actually started too thinking if it was my head messing with me. Totally freaked out. I mean my mind is kinda messy nowadays, so it wouldnt be impossible. Was thinking 'Shit, this is the fucking end'

Damn you blizz, haha.

tisdag 18 januari 2011

Terrorpene x 3

This time he became mine.

1. Colde tamed him
2. Found him killed
3. My turn!

The thing i noticed is that i always found him around 13.00

måndag 17 januari 2011

Got it!

And down he goes. :)

There is only 1 single thing i dont like about cataclysm!

Beeing able too fly everywhere. That makes the groundmounts like never used. Atleast they could have kept groundmounts in citys. The only place I use groundmounts on is, instances? bg's and Tol Barad. lol.

I mean if you ride a cool groundmount in org its obviously just for flashing.


MY next rare in the bunch, might just go for associate title then.

Fozziled Raptor Mount

Yaaay! I actually had a feeling that the next one would be the mount. Too bad i cant use scrolls too complete it. :(

lördag 15 januari 2011


... it's a kill!

torsdag 13 januari 2011

10.000 fish.

GJ guildies :D

måndag 10 januari 2011

Leveling archeology - More skills too pay the bills.

Atm i am leveling archeology. I got first aid, cooking and fishing up too 525 already. Its kinda boring but still intresting in some way, this is my 3rd rare i am gonna get atm.

Got Fozziled Hatchling and the mirror so far. Farming most too get too 525 but also too get the Fozziled raptor mount, wich i think fits sick good with goblins.

1. Mirror
2. Hatchling
3. Dress
4. Wisp amulet
5. Fozziled raptor
6. Bones of Transmformation
7. Kaldoeri Wind Chimes
8. Druid and priest statue set

Getting my screenshots into wowhead!

I got terrorpene, sea turtle and echeyakee screenshots into wowheads website, i have no idea if its special, but it sure feels special too me. Gonna start taking more advanced screenshots too upload, and then i will se if wowhead decide too put them up or not.

I remember when i had a bad quality computer and uploaded screenshots, they never got placed up.

söndag 9 januari 2011

Sambas x 3

Got a Screen captured text, but whatever. Wanted too show where i have seen him this last week. I tamed him myself at no.1 asked some random hunter at number 2. And Colde got my no.3 :)

Learn from me folks, ask hunter if they wanna tame. Inv too group and watch him till they come. Enjoy the happiness and you might have gotten a new friend, that will remember you forever. :)


Colde found him, and tamed him. Damnit, i am still hunting for Terror, he will be mine someday.

Its good too have a hunter friend. :) I found Loque for him too.