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Time-Lost Proto-Drake 6.2

UPDATE 7.0: Looting Time-Lost Proto Drake is now personal. I don't know much more about it. Read more on the newest comments on Time-Lost Proto Drake-Wowhead.

Read through all the information (new information) that you can find on the Time-Lost Proto-Drake. Check out new guides on youtube, check out Wowhead: http://www.wowhead.com/npc=32491/time-lost-proto-drake

Short information that everyone already knows:
  • Share spawnpoints and routes with Vyragosa another rare in The Storm Peaks.
  • Time-Lost Proto-Drake has 1/6 chance to spawn instead Vyragosa. It doesn't mean that there will be 5 Vyragosa spawns and then 1 Time-Lost. Everytime there is a spawn, there is always a small chance for it too be Time-Lost instead.
  • It's good too skin the corpse, Ivé read that it affects the spawntimer in a positive way, we had a skinner that skinned every corpse of Vyragosa. (Time-Lost can't be skinned) But honestly, I'm not sure if this is true. Either way it's a good thing if you cba people knowing when the last kill was. :)
  • According to our own logs the spawntimer is between 4-8 hours. We have never seen a spawn later then 8 hours or a spawn earlier then 4 hours from when the corpse was skinned. If we did have one, it was because we went to camp after 6h+, overslept or a server restart accured.
Short informaton that is not true (outdated) according too our data: 
  • Killing rares in Northrend affects the spawn-timer. NO! Might have been before but believe me, we tried this, alot of times, killing every damn rare, and we still had to wait 7-8 hours until we saw a spawn. It's a complete waste of time if you ask me.
  • Earliest spawn can be 6 hours after the last Time-Lost or Vyragosa was killed. NO! We had kills as early as 4 hours after the last kill and the longest was 8h, covering all spawn-points.

The white skulls is when we've seen Time-Lost dead or killed it ourselves. 

Method: Camping with friend

How: On a low population server without CRZ. (PVE) Check; https://realmpop.com/ to find a good one, of course, this involves money for a transfer.

When: 24/7 for two weeks in a row. I went camping with a friend, we both wanted the Time-Lost Proto-Drake and we both transfered alts and decided to go full camp mode. It took us 15 days of intense camping. Killing two Time-Lost and found 1 dead cause of early spawn.

Needs: Knowledge, patience, SilverDragon , NPCscan, NPCscan Overlay and MACRO:

I used a target macro mage by SerroDan since NPC-scan or SilverDragon wont work if you don't hover over the rare.

MACRO 1 (use for when you are alone)

/target Vyra
/target Time-Los
/run if UnitName("Target") then PlaySoundFile([[Sound\Interface\PVPFlagTakenMono.ogg]], "Master"); print(date(), UnitName("Target"), "Found"); SetRaidTarget("target",8); end

MACRO 2 (use for when someone is stacking on you)

/target Vyra
/target Time-Los
/run if UnitName("Target") then PlaySoundFile([[Sound\Interface\PVPFlagTakenMono.ogg]], "Master"); print(date(), UnitName("Target"), "Found"); SetRaidTarget("target",8); end

I used both of those macros, and I pressed, and pressed, and pressed and I have to admit pressing that damn macro for 2 weeks straight while camping made me abit insane. Mostly I pressed when someonelse was stacking with me.

We had three accounts, he had 1 and I had 2. We covered 3/4 spawnpoints. Frozen Lake, Waterfall and Brunnhildar Village. After a few days I was alone and camped 12 hours straight, thought it was strange cause it always spawned within 8 hours. Which led me to believe that something probably had spawned in Ulduar without being detected.

So how were we suppose to solve this? I got the idea to get a 3d account (Starter Edition) My friend sent me an invitation thru "Recruit a Friend" button that is in the top right of your friendlist-tab. (Which made it possible for him to summon my level 1 alt to Ulduar) You do not have to pay for subscription-time when you do this since you can play for free up too level 20,

This was the biggest difference for us since we didn't have to live with the idea that '' it may have spawned in Ulduar '' and could actually get some sleep.

We both got our kills in Ulduar. I had my main logged out at Ulduar spawn spot. So I would be able too logg of my alt, log into my main and kill it if it spawned there. Taking no chances for it to fly further then needed.
(This requires the person on the PVE-realm to be the leader of the group, so you are on the correct realm when logging in.)

After I got mine it was my friend left. He was always camping at the Frozen Lake spawnpoint. He is an engineer with a Wormhole Generator: Northrend this is a REALLY good item if you have an alt camping at the Ulduar spawn-point and you want to get to that spot as fast as possible.

Some screenshots from our camping:

My kill, Ulduar

Annoying Vyragosa (We killed her 42 times)

My level 4 alt camping at Ulduar spawn-point.

Found dead after camping ended.

Found dead cause of early spawn.

And my bae's kill. Ulduar
Deathsdemise got the 4th one.

Finally our camping friend got his Time-Lost Proto-Drake after three whole weeks being very unlucky. He was camping alone at first, but after we got ours we decided too camp with him. We started as camping enemies but to become good camping friends, and I'm glad. :)

People that visited BobRoss, our level 4 hunter Ulduar camping-alt.

Special thanks to our camping (stacking) friends. 

Youngblood (Made friends with this guy, helped him get his.)

Happy hunting / Tukea

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