lördag 23 juli 2011

Taming Skitterflame, Skarr and my last Madexx

Skarr 17.10
Skarr 05.15
Kirkin 19.00

Next spawn;
Kirkin 08.00

Next spawn; 21.00-23.00?

Hi and welcome too my stable in less then 40 min. Can you be more lucky?

Okey, this was just so wierd, Skitterflame popped up on my screen, and I tamed him with help from my precious liten gobo Colding, I Heartstoned, and came back, and Skarr pops up on my npcscan UNTAMED. AND I FUCKING GOT HIM TOO.

And then we went back too Org so i could show Ban'thalos too Colde that i got earlier same night. and then i thought maybe i should go too Uldum too see if my black Madexx was there (My last color in the collection) And who was there?

I lol'd abit.

I am gonna see if I can find a slot for Anhka too. =) Cause my slots are full with my favourite rares.

I recorded everything, hmm. Just that my windowsmovie maker is so god damn fucked when I have too edit. :(

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