söndag 24 juli 2011

Deth'tilac tame

I like that he's purple :) And I like that is unique skinned, just like Kirix.

1. Frosttrap (For slowing him)

2. Sacrifice pet (Best way too make him loose hp)

3. Snake trap for damaging him. (If you dont damage him, he will reset)

4. Revive pet and sacrifice again. (from distance ofc)

And over and over again, while kiting!

After like 40% left on Death'tilac two ally hunters came, im was like FUCK, im screwed they are gonna kill me, and try tame him from me. And they sure did try tame him. But i was the one that dissmissed my pet at 25%. And he still had his up - dead. They might have helped me, even if the guy shooted me a few times while i was taming, im not sure.

Only fair i got him thou, i found him, and i did alot of work on him. And if you destroy for me, i destroy you.

Althou, if you dont, i wouldnt either. Im kinda nice when it comes too that, EVEN if you are an ally.

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