söndag 23 januari 2011

Hunting for Jadefang

Khauros in our guild found jadefang in Deepholm, i bet we stood there 1h, hoping for failed nitro boots, the quest with the bombs were not available at that time. I made it with the 'pull out the internetcable' tactic. Tried like 5 times, got it on my 6th.

If you start flying into the cave you will get unmounted. But if you pull out the internetcable just right before you 'feel' that you will get unmounted count too 5-6 seconds while you continue flying at the direction where jadefang is. Pull in the plug, so you dont get disconnected, because if you doo, it will fail.

I found jadefang the other day again, but two night elfs killed him. :( Night elfs can still corpse fly inside the cave. Buhu. Gonna go there tonight aswell, maybe camp for an hour between 1-2 or something.

Update; 20.00

Camping atm, haha. Having WoW running the background, with sound on, so i can hear if NPCscan pops up.

Used the plug in plug out internetcable technique, got into the cave at my first try. *Proud*

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