tisdag 25 januari 2011

Aeonaxx as hunter 10 min kill.


VERY intresting, i am still shaking. Hahah. Anyway, i was reading wowhead and watching some youtube stuff about Aeonaxx, just for fun. Camped about 15 min, had nothing too do. Went too see if jadefang was there, even if i have him tamed and the little companion. Idk i get excited watching rares O.o Awell, as i was about too go back too Org afking. I thought I just fly around the temple one time. And theeeen.. my fucking npsscan pops up, and there he was AEONAXX - GREEN. I think he spawned in my face tbh. WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

(My NPCscan poped where the pink circle is, but he was flying where I am standing on this pic)

Haha, it took me 10 min too down him. Using two IMBA attacks. Not! (Gonna get fixed in next patch.)

Raptor strike.
Scatter shot.

The small whelps had like 9k hp, i just killed them with arcane shot, so they were no problem.

But imagine!

My heart was pounding, felt like a drugger without drugs. If i didnt read anything about him, i wouldnt know a shit, so a BIG thank too wowhead and all people who wrote good facts about him.

P.s Dont freak out, kill the adds, they are the only thing that makes you loose health. Dps as normal, YOU have him, and you will down him! Dont be afraid. Aeonaxx fly in 500% speed, there is no way anyone can keep up with that.

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