måndag 1 november 2010


Okey so i got this problem today, i kinda freaked out cause i dont wanna get hacked or whataver again.

Anyway i found out that alot of people using the same virusprogram as me; Norman and has the same issue - for me its basically a false alarm.

Read more.

However, i did what Syrlia said;

''If you open the Norman program go to "antivirus & antispyware" and from there you can choose a dispens list to the left. Click on it. And you can search for the folder wow is in and dispens it and it should work. BB''

I also found a blue post in german, had too translate it too english, he said that it is probably a false alarm, but be careful anyways.

Okey, have played wow these couple of hours. And i have NO problems at all. So was an easy fix. Cheers!

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