onsdag 14 april 2010

Im longing so much for the day that i dont have too play with 4fps- on all 25m raids

People say you can play with 1fps. Can you tell me how? Sorry but i might have brainlag or something, but noway i would be able too play with less fps then i already have.
Processor: Intel Core i5-750 2.66GHz

Minne: 8GB DDR3, Max. 8GB

Hårddisk: 1TB S-ATA (7200rpm)

Grafik: Nvidia GeForce GTS240 2GB

Övrigt: BluRay-läsare/DVD-brännare, DVI, HDMI, Gbit LAN, 12xUSB.

It's gonna cost.

If this sound totally ridiculous, have in mind that i am not a computergirl. I dont know a shit about computers, but it sounds pro atleast. HAHA

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